Cornyn: All agree: Human trafficking must end

Cornyn: All agree: Human trafficking must end

“Last week, Senate Republicans made headlines as the new Republican-controlled chamber passed 100 days in the 114th Congress. By many measures, the Senate seems to be back in business.

In just the past few weeks, Congress passed a bill reforming the flawed Medicare payments system with the “Doc Fix” bill. The same day, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously sent a bill to the floor that would give Congress a vote on the potential deal with Iran. And last week, Trade Promotion Authority legislation was introduced, which will ensure the United States gets the best possible deal in ongoing trade negotiations.

But for all our accomplishments, I am happiest to report that the Senate is doing what it should to help the most vulnerable among us.

The evil of human trafficking is not something that everyone wants to talk about. It is an embarrassment that today in the United States, we still deal with such disgusting practices as human slavery across all 50 states.

Thousands of young girls, many of middle school age, are trapped in a life of bondage where they are abused and sold for sex every day. This is unconscionable, and as the father of two daughters, it is utterly heartbreaking to hear the stories of these survivors who are trapped in modern-day slavery.”

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